Selling your iTunes Apps – a Flippa Sale Review

Now that there is more than 650,000 apps on the iTunes App Store, there are plenty of apps that get little or no traffic anymore. Two apps I developed back in 2010 were in that category. They were simple fortune telling apps that were gimmicky and fun for kids. These apps actually did make some money originally, and still do make a trickle of income, but not much.

Being that both apps were gimicky, I had no real interest in doing anything more with them. So, I looked into options for selling them. I found and used the site to sell both.Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.27.25 AM

I was initially skeptical of the Flippa for a few reasons. First, many of the bidders had little or no feedback. Based on my experiences on eBay over the years, a new bidder with no feedback is often trouble. So that was a red flag. Second, there is a lot of junk for sale on the site. When I say junk, I mean obviously thrown together re-skins and half built products. I think this potentially keep bidders away as there is just a lot of crap on there both in the apps and sites sections. Finally, I was concerned that because I was a new user I wouldn’t get a lot of bids because I had no feedback record on the site.

Fortunately, my concerns didn’t come to light. Instead the sale process was easy, quick and pleasant. Both apps sold quickly, with little fanfare and the transfer process was simple. Payment was automated through Flippa and integrated with Paypal. Their fee was 10% which was perhaps a little high but not unreasonable.

Overall I’d definitely use Flippa again as a seller. I also plan to keep an eye on the site to check for any good apps for sale. There are some gems within the cruft available for sale.

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