Relaxing Sounds for Sleep on the iPhone App Store

Available now on the iPhone App Store: Relaxing Sounds for Sleep!

Have you ever been away from home, or traveling on vacation and had a hard time sleeping?  If you use a fan or are used to the sounds of nature at home, it can be hard to get to sleep on the road.  Relaxing Sounds for Sleep was built to help you fall asleep to the relaxing, calming sounds you are used to.

This app features 3 different categories of sounds to help you sleep:

  • Noises:  Custom created noises, including several different types of white noise can drown out sound and help you sleep in even the most challenging and noisy environments.  (Like cheap hotels, for instance.)
  • Nature: Many high quality sounds from nature have been recorded and added to the app.  These sounds include things like the roaring waves hitting a beach, a noisy forest of bugs and the charming chorus of frogs, among many others.
  • Music: Melodies and musical pieces can be very calming and relaxing.  We’ve included a selection of some really great and relaxing music to help you get to sleep.

Relaxing Sounds for Sleep will be regularly updated with new sounds and will always be 100% free!   Get it today, free, on the App Store!


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