Web Software Vulnerabilities and the Internet of Things

At this point, most folks who are a bit technical have heard of the “Internet of Things”.  (IoT)  The idea is that most every electronic device you own will be connected to the internet, things like your watch, fridge, TV, thermostat, alarm clock, etc.  You can then control or monitor all of this stuff online.  An interesting concept to be sure – even if its not the most practical in many cases.

Tonight, I read an article on DZone that expressed fear of future attacks after the revelation of the Heartbleed vulnerability.  Specifically fear of what might become of the future IoT where most of our devices are all internet connected and in some way or another use the internet.

The concept was, basically, what if hackers find ways to attack these devices?  If history proves a guide to the future implementation of these devices – they will all use commodity hardware and software – similar enough that if one is hacked, they might all be.  In general, I think he’s probably right on this count.  Most of the IoT will probably use cheap commodity hardware and software.

But, hackers don’t generally hack just to hack.  Most of the time, they are hacking for profit or politics.  Hackers attempt to hack things like SSL, or banks, or ATMs or eCommerce sites because they can steal things from them.  Or, they are hacking because they have some idealogical issue that motivates them.  It is truly rare for a hacker to hack just for fun or to mess with someone.

For example: No one is going to spend significant amounts of time finding ways to hack someone’s internet connected coffee machine.  Why would you bother?  There is no profit there.  Sure it would be funny to mess someones coffee recipe up or make their coffee brew at 2am, I guess.

But no one is going to waste any kind of time to actually do this – and if they do, you just remove the coffee machine from your Wi-Fi.  Problem solved until … Mr. Coffee issues a patch and then problem really solved.  I think this will be the pattern for any IoT device security issue in the future – pretty much just like every other kind of security issue we have now.  It gets discovered, analyzed, patched and fixed.  No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill.


Battle Blaster is now Free… Download and Enjoy. :-)

I created Battle Blaster a year or so ago. I spent quite a bit of time planning, learning, developing, and refining the game. It was a great experience.

Unfortunately, the timing of the game’s release was poor. It came out during the flood of releases right before Christmas 2010 and went largely unnoticed. (It was originally called Outpost Titan, and was released in early December 2010.) Like many other iPhone developers, I didn’t strike it rich. But I learned quite a bit from developing this app that added to my skill set, and helped me get my current gig, so it worked out quite well.

It occurred to me this morning that I should just make it free, so people can play and enjoy it. So, I am:


Download and enjoy.

If you like it or have any recommendations let me know. I’ve toyed around with the idea of making a sequel since I have a ton of ideas I left on the shelf.

(NOTE: I just updated the price to free in iTunes Connect – so if it shows up as 99 cents still please try again in a few minutes. Price changes take a little bit to propagate.)

Cats and Dogs Tic Tac Toe Updated!

After gathering quite a bit of feedback from users, I have updated and enhanced the Cats & Dogs Tic Tac Toe game. Now you can pick your board avatar from one of 18 different choices, 9 cats and 9 dogs. I’ve also added new graphics and sound effects to add to the fun of the game.

Cats and Dogs is still free on the App Store. Open your App Store icon on your iOS device to download a copy or update your old copy today. You can also click here to open and download Cats and Dogs in iTunes, then just sync your iOS device and your good to go.

Battle Blaster is out and available now!

My latest creation, Battle Blaster is available now on the iPhone App Store!

Are you ready for some high intensity action? Then take command and blast the enemy space ships before they blast you! Your space station is under attack and its up to you to defend it.

Battle 25 waves of relentless enemies in a battle for survival.

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