Amazing Seeds for Minecraft – Fresh Update now with Xbox 360 Seeds!

Today I’m happy to report that the 10th update to Amazing Seeds for Minecraft has hit the iTunes App Store!

Updates include:

  • Seeds for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition! Check out all of the very best seeds on the Xbox 360!
  • Even more Minecraft Seeds for PC / Mac Edition and Pocket Edition players!
  • Some UI Updates to make it easier to see which version and edition each seed works for.

You can get it for free here:

Also available on the iTunes App Store is an all new version of Amazing Seeds for Minecraft – the Pro Edition! The Pro Edition is 100% Ad Free and it includes all the same great seeds that are in the free version. Check it out here:



Tiny Monster Match Available Now!

tmmRecently I’ve begun to work a new concept in games and apps development.  Specifically, I look for orphan, under appreciated, or simply broken games and apps, buy them from their developers and fix them.  My goal as always is to make sure anything I publish with my name on it is of high quality.

Tiny Monster Match is one such project.  In this case, while it was a fun and beautiful game – it did take a fair amount of work to get this game where I wanted it.  I fixed some issues with the game play, added some new capabilities and polish to make the game not only winnable, but more fun and enjoyable as well.

The new version of Tiny Monster Match is a now available, free on the app store.  Check it out.  I think you will find it quite fun!

Super Sports Match Game now available on Google Play

small-game-imageI’m proud to announce the my first app for the Google Play store – Super Sports Match Game!  Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of Android development for corporations and private clients, but nothing until today that I’d self published.

Super Sports Match Game is a great spin on the traditional matching puzzle games. Play with balls from 6 different sports to make matches and create huge combos!

Match 3 or more different balls to make matches. The more balls you match and the more combos you hit, the higher you score!. Make timely use of bombs and lightning balls to really blow up the board and shake things up. You’ll have to be quick and crafty to complete the levels before time expires. It starts out easy, but can be challenging in higher levels!


  • More than 30 levels
  • Crisp and beautiful graphics
  • Addicting sound tracks and kooky wise-crack sound effects
  • Fun and progressively more challenging game levels

I hope you enjoy it.  Of course, like all my games, its free.  Download today!

Super Monkey Dash: Go Bananas! – Now Available on the App Store!

Monkeys love bananas, help them collect them!screen520x924

Super Monkey Dash: Go Bananas is fun and creative platform game where you control the cute little monkey to collect bananas and reach the goal! To get the highest score possible, collect all the bananas in each stage before time runs out!

Like all of my other games, Super Monkey Dash: Go Bananas is 100% free.  Everything in the game can be unlocked through game play alone, no purchases required at all.


  • 4 stages full of puzzles and fun
  • 4 unique and cute monkeys to play with
  • Hours of gameplay, with more to come soon!
  • Interesting stages that can be easy to complete but challenging to perfect.
  • Cute graphics and fantastic game music

I hope you have fun!

Super Monkey Dash: Go Bananas has two versions available, one for the iPhone/iPod and an HD version available for iPads!  Download them today and enjoy!