My Patents

I have been fortunate enough over the years to be able to patent some of my innovations and inventions. Here is the current list of patents that have been issued. I have several additional patents currently being written filed as part of my work with Threshold360.

Patent 10786395

Titled: “Apparatus for processing healthcare data and storing and transmitting large amounts of data via a bandage or sticker” – this patent describes a process and solution so that electronic patient medical data can be transported directly on the patient themself in a durable, wearable device.

The general idea is that we attach a bandage, sticker, wristband or to the patient and inside that is a small NFC or other radio activated chip that can store patient medical data. We developed this technology for the military initially, as it perfectly fits the use case of treating injuries and recording medical treatments in remote environments far from medical facilities.

At the time of invention NFC chips could only store very small amounts of data, so we developed a compression method to allow electronic medical data to be compressed for storage on small devices. In addition, we developed technologies and techniques to use NFC to access larger storage devices like microSD cards.

The full text of this patent is available here:

Patent 11011258

Titled: “Systems and Methods for Data Processing and Performing Structured and Configurable Data Compression” – this patent is the follow on to patent 10786395 above. In this patent, we detailed compression methods that could be used to highly compress medical (or other) data to fit on very small NFC storage chips, at the time limited to just a few KB of storage.

You can read the entire text of this patent at the following link:

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