My 2nd Patent as an Inventor has been issued! (Patent 11011258)

I’m proud to announce another patent where I am a named inventor has been issued by the US Patent Office. This is patent 11011258 – Systems and methods for data processing and performing structured and configurable data compression.

That is a long name, but essentially the invention patented relates … Continue reading

Steve Job’s Commencement Address Still Holds Up

If you haven’t seen this already, I definitely recommend you spend 16 minutes of your day listening to this video of Steve Job’s commencement speech.

This is a college graduation commencement speech Jobs gave back in 2005. In it he talks a lot about his early life and how … Continue reading

Do Harder, Longer and more Complex Interviews find better Candidates?

I read Reddit regularly, as apparently half the world does. One of the subreddits I follow is the ExperiencedDevs subreddit because sometimes I learn something or find an interesting article there.

Today I saw this post and it struck a chord:

Are interviews REALLY providing better talent as … Continue reading

Technical Interviewing is Hard

We have been doing a lot of technical interviewing lately trying to find new candidates for open positions. It has been challenging to say the least to find quality people. Even if we find quality people, they have often failed at a 2nd stage interview.

I came across this article … Continue reading