Sell Your Mobile Apps

Got Mobile Apps?

Do you have mobile apps that you no longer want to maintain, don’t earn income anymore or are just out of date and don’t work?  I can help you in two ways.

  1. I can fix your apps for you – contact me and lets see how I can help you.
  2. I can buy your apps and you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

Sell Me Your Apps

I am actively looking to purchase apps (with source code) already published on the Apple iOS App Store and/or the Google Play Store.  I have cash on hand and will make reasonable offers based on the 3rd party verifiable revenue history of your app.


Do you have one or more apps to sell?  Great!  Lets see if we can do business.  Please contact me and provide the following information:

1) App Link:

2) Proof of Revenue:

  • Proof of revenue for at a minimum the past 3 months, or since the app launched whatever is longer.  Proof meaning:
    • Screen shots from Apple or Google showing revenue from sales or In App Purchases
    • Screen shots from Ad Networks verifying income
    • Screen shots should be for the app specifically, not your entire publisher account

3) Code Ownership

  • Proof of ownership of the App Source Code.  This can be a screen shot of the code in an IDE or a source code control system like SVN or git.

What I Offer

I am looking for quality apps to add to my portfolio, or apps that I believe I can improve to bring them up to a quality level where they produce good income.  Every App is unique and has to be individually valued.  However, in general I will offer developers some multiple of average monthly revenue for their apps.

Time to Complete

I am looking to make purchases today.  I can close a purchase deal within 24 hours.  So, if you’re looking to cash out and move on to other projects, contact me today and lets make a deal.

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