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One of my favorite features of Amazing Seeds for Minecraft, my app listing the best seeds to use to spawn super fun Minecraft worlds, is the ability for users to submit in suggestions.  Now what makes this great is not just the good submissions that send in awesome seeds, but the truly bad submissions sending in garbage.

Actual Great Suggestions

I genuinely get really great suggestions from our users.  One of the seeds I just received was a Minecraft Pocket edition seed that spawns you right in a huge Village and next to a flying island.  That’s pretty cool.  Pocket Edition seeds are hard to find, especially ones that spawn you right in the Village.  Here’s a quick screenshot from that seed.  You spawn right here basically:




That’s way cool and something I would have never found solo.  That’s what makes this a great feature is that the community of users can share the best seeds amongst the group.  But unfortunately, not everything I get is like that…

People Lie on the Internet??  Gasp!

I get plenty of humor value from our less talented users or wannabe trolls, whatever the case might be.

Nearly all of the Minecraft seed web sites and apps allow users to submit suggestions.  So I realize I’m not doing anything special here.

But, almost all of those don’t do any checking for quality at all.  So if you’re a troll, or a 10 year old who thinks you’re super cool for submitting a seed and lying about how great it is, chances are on most Minecraft sites you’re crap is going to get posted.  I’ve seen it over and over.  Most of the more popular apps on the iTunes App Store are full of utter garbage because of this exact problem.

Sorry, but not in my app.  🙂

I personally check every single seed before I put it into the app.  That’s what makes submissions like this one so funny.  I’ve got a variation of this same submission from the same user about 5 times so far:

“This seed spawns you near a rather large village.  It also spawns in Herobrine.  There is a massive crack in the world right next to the village.  If you jump in the middle of it, you will find a strong hold.  Also look for a forest temple near the spawn.  That is where you will find not only Herobrine, but also 10 free diamonds at the least.( Herobrine drops a stack of diamonds if you kill him; so that is a major must do)!”

Now, of course we all know that Herobrine is not real, so there’s that.  But its a fun running joke, so I’ll allow it.  But the rest… come on man.  Not even remotely believable.  But hey, I always try anyways just to see.  Are you ready for this amazing Minecraft world?  Here is what you get from his seed.  The first picture is where you spawn, the second is way above showing you all of what is nearby:



So… not so amazing.  Pretty much a totally standard seed and spawn point.  Where are the diamonds?  Temple?  Massive crack?  Yeah not so much.

Nice try kid.  You’ll have to send in a real seed if you want to get added into the app.  In the meantime I find it funny you keep trying to be a troll and add garbage into the app.

Downloading Amazing Seeds for Minecraft

If you haven’t already downloaded Amazing Seeds for Minecraft – check it out today on the iTunes App Store.

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